aus der Serie “Dreck in die Wunde” im Körnerpark, Neukölln

Opening: 24. Juni 2022 from 19:00 Uhr

Exhibition vom 25. Juni bis 18. August 2022

Scham is the German word for shame, but the meaning in German is quite ambiguous. It encompasses that which shows itself and that which is and remains hidden. It reveals something and conceals it at the same time. It can also refer to the pubic region and the genitals. Shame covers or conceals, is public and private, and everything in between perhaps as well. This work is incorporating these meanings onto this transformative sculpture.

Offene Ateliers Neukölln

This year, I’m participating in the Open Studio event in Neukölln. Feel free to come by this weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing you.

Saturday Sept. 18th 14 - 20
Sunday Sept. 19th 12 - 18

Finissage Dreck

23. Juli 2021 im Kunst- und Kulturhaus NEUNEINHALB.

I’m pleased to invite you to the closing event of my solo show titled “DRECK” at the Kunst und Kulturhaus Neuneinhalb in Bayreuth, on Friday the 23rd. If you won’t have a chance to see it but are curious about this new body of work, just request a PDF of the exhibition. I will be there from 20:00 and would be so very pleased to see you!

Ausstellung: Dreck

5. Juni bis 23. Juli 2021 im Kunst- und Kulturhaus NEUNEINHALB.

In ihren aktuellen Arbeiten verwandelt Kimberly Meenan Abfall in Kunst. Dabei gibt sie schlaglichtartige Einblicke in vertraute Landschaften – Orte der Isolation, geschaffen aus Müll und Dreck von den Straßen Berlins.