The Grand Quest of Stiege - Teddy

The staircase is an idyllic little spot on the Danube. Your narrator, a talking bear gives strange advice. Start your search! “The Grand Quest of Stairs” begins!

As a part of the exhibition series “Sister’s Summer”. In August, the artist, Kimberly Meenan transformed the staircase into an extensive installation. The Berlin-based artist combines the black humor of her origins in Northern Ireland and the USA with elements from 90s adventure video games. This creates a wonderland that opens up a unique adventure for every viewer.

Curated by Martin Leibinger and Petra Schmitt, in cooperation with the Griesbadgalerie, with the kind support of the city of Ulm and many thanks to Garten Schlueter (Gustav Schlueter GmbH).

Materials: Found space / Teddy Ruxpin / Loud Speakers / Theater Light
Video Game / Installation / Public Art / Mechanical Art / Exhibition